Our EagleEye UAV can be used to assist in any rural land purchase. Through the utilisation of high definition mapping we can identify weed infestations and provide costs per acre for eradication. Additionally, through 3D mapping we can map and record asset locations and condition.  

With our AeroCeres UAV, we can deliver liquid payloads to precise locations to ensure minimal drift and off target spray. Greenhouses or under canopy operations can be conducted with our terrain following radar. Day or Night operations can also be programmed to ensure minimal disruption to business activities.

Aerial mapping in 2D/3D or NVDI down to centimetre level precision for accurate plant identification. Data is uploaded to our servers where information is analysed by our specialists for task requirements. Task requirements are then programmed into the AeroCeres UAV where targeted operations commence, ensuring precise chemical application with no risk to individuals.

AeroCeres UAV operating over sloping ground conducting spraying operations to remove problem weeds. Boundary and obstacles are all programmed to centimetre accuracy to ensure targeted delivery. Payload can be liquid, solid or seed depending on requirements.

Proagco commits to no cost surprises. Wherever possible, PROAGCO will provide fixed prices per acre for each part of their services prior to commencing work.