About Us

Building on a wealth of cutting-edge expertise and proven innovations, Proagco provides multifunctional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) for agricultural digital solutions. Our AeroCeres and EagleEye UAV’s use sophisticated design and state-of-the-art systems to provide the foundation for a light, portable and powerful drone platform. The SUPERX3 PRO RTK flight control system provides us with centimetre-level navigation for fully autonomous flights in various scenarios,  allowing precise on target delivery of liquid or solid payloads to meet task requirements.

With our EagleEye UAV mapping, no plant or weed will be missed with high definition centimetre level aerial mapping (2D/3D,NVDI) sending data to our server for analysis and correct response.

Whether it requires herbicide, insecticide, disinfectant,  seed, comprehensive plot  analysis or fertiliser, Proagco can deliver payloads accurately, reduce chemical use, identify land problems and reduce environmental hazards that face today’s land holder’s.  

With today’s rapidly changing environment, let us demonstrate how we can assist in defending your environment against threats. 

Our Founder

Raised from three generations of farmers, Benet Hare, a professional pilot realised the challenges facing farmers today. Through extensive research and 30 year background in aviation, ProAgCo was created to address challenges facing Australian landholder’s and develop digital solutions.

ProAgCo stands for productive, professional, efficient and safer agricultural solutions.